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Oakura Property Manager Robyn McDonald

Robyn McDonald

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Robyn McDonald has been with the company since 2010 and is the Property Manager for Oakura and its surrounding area. Robyn is honest, fair and meticulous in her dealings. She is a self-motivated manager who understands the level of trust landlords place in her and she is committed to maintaining and exceeding the expectation of her clients when looking after their properties.

Robyn offers a high level of integrity, her arrears are always low and inspections and maintenance delivered in a professional manner. Robyn believes in McDonald Real Estates family values. Her testimonials from clients are extremely positive and she is an integral part of the Rental Team.

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"Robyn is an outstanding property manager. Not only does she provide frequent property inspection updates, but she is also very proactive in the management of my property and contacts me in advance when any significant maintenance or attention (e.g. hedges) is required or due.

Robyn cares for the wellbeing of my property, and it shows -  she certainly goes above and beyond. I have recommended Robyn’s property management services before, and would happily do so again."

Angela Lawn

"One occasion which stands out is when my home was being insulated to ensure it was up to spec for new government regulations. When the contracted insulators stated extreme (and expensive) measures to access an extension of the house to view and potentially insulate, instead of allowing the work to proceed, Robyn had the initiative to first follow-up with the council.  The council confirmed that the extension was actually already fully insulated, and provided the building consent to back it up.

Robyn’s initiative and proactiveness not only saved me a considerable amount of money, but it also saved the aesthetics of the extension which could now be sporting man-holes in various spots of the ceiling – regardless if insulation had been required."


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