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Posted by Danny Bates on July 16, 2021
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Houses for sale in Hawera

Located in South Taranaki, Hāwera is the second largest township in Taranaki. Featuring the stunning snow-capped mountain as a backdrop, Hāwera is just one hour from New Plymouth, approximately one hour from Whanganui and a mere 30 min drive from Mt Taranaki.

Meaning 'the burnt place' in the Māori language, Hāwera takes its name from the old Māori village of Te Hāwera which was located approximately three kilometres southeast of the present town. In later years the name became particularly significant as the town was hit with a number of devastating fires. Three separate blazes destroyed parts of the town in 1884, 1895 and 1912.

In fact, Hāwera was so fire-prone that insurance underwriters demanded the construction of a water tower in the centre of town to increase water pressure. Completed in 1914, and standing at 54 metres tall, the Hāwera Water Tower is one of Taranaki's best-known landmarks. Locals now climb the 215 steps up the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the Taranaki countryside.

Real Estate in Hawera

If you like milk or cheese then you will be interested to know that Hāwera is located in the heart of Taranaki’s dairy region, a fact reinforced by the giant cow icon that welcomes visitors arriving from the south.

The Whareroa dairy factory, owned by Fonterra, is the largest dairy complex in the world in terms of output and is located just 2km south of the township. During peak season, the complex employs 1,000 people and processes up to 14 million litres of milk per day, making this one of the largest employment providers in Hāwera. The region relies on its natural and physical resources for its social and economic wellbeing. Sectors supporting this thriving local economy include energy, engineering, sheep, beef and dairy farming, forestry and horticulture.

Hāwera is also home to the famous Tawhiti Museum. Well known for its hand-crafted life-sized and miniature figurines depicting scenes of local heritage and history. It is widely acclaimed as the best private museum in the country. Presenting the local history and heritage in a series of super realistic and engaging displays it’s a great attraction for families and visitors alike. The star attraction is the Traders & Whalers exhibition, which takes visitors on a boat journey through a realistic depiction of the Taranaki coast between 1820 and 1840. Created in partnership with the South Taranaki District Council, the boat drifts through a world illuminated by lanterns and candles and, through the use of sounds, smells, and sights, transport visitors to another time and place.

Hāwera Property Snapshot

Hāwera’s property market has been growing in popularity over the years. The current median price for listed houses in 2021 is $379,000. This has changed 18.44% over the past year and increased 14% over two years.

  • Hāwera is a suburb in the South Taranaki region of Taranaki and has a population of 9,814.
  • 29% of Hāwera’s occupants live in rental accommodation.
  • The current median rent for houses is $380 per week.
  • The median rental yield is 5.21%.

Please note: These figures have been taken from and were accurate as of 13 July 2021.

If you’re in the market for a new property, then why not check out our current listings for sale in Hāwera. 

Surrounding townships of Hāwera

Manaia Township

Located 13km to the southeast of Hwera and with a population of 1,000 people, this township is also named ‘The Bread Capital’ as it is home to Yarrows (The Bakers). Manaia is just 10 minutes away from Hāwera and only 55 minutes from New Plymouth.

The median listing price for houses in Manaia is $299,000. This has changed 66.11% over the past year and -14.29% over two years. The median rent in Manaia for houses is $420 per week and the median rental yield is 7.30%.

Please note: These figures have been taken from and were accurate as of 13 July 2021.

Patea Township

Patea is a town in the South Taranaki region of Taranaki and has a rich Māori and European history. Patea is known for the Patea Māori Club’s chart-topping single “Poi-E” which swept to popularity in 1982 and is one of the country’s favourite contemporary Māori songs.

Patea has a population of 1,477 people and 34.35% of its occupants live in rental accommodation. The median listing price for houses is $225,000 and this has changed 25.70% over the past year and changed 34.08% over 2 years. The median rent in Patea is $315 per week and the median rental yield is 7.28%. 

Please note: These figures have been taken from and were accurate as of 13 July 2021.

Living in HaweraHāwera's latest development project

The South Taranaki District Council identified and completed a plan for a new town centre that is more welcoming, attractive and vibrant with the hopes to attract new residents, businesses and visitors to the township. The project plans were signed off by the council in 2015 and according to South Taranaki District Council, its vision was ‘To make Hāwera's Town Centre an economically sustainable and dynamic place that is reflective of its heritage with a contemporary outlook, attracting people and business to the benefit of the town and wider district.' In 2019 the new town centre plan was completed. For more information on the latest CBD upgrade check out the South Taranaki District Council's website. 

If you’re thinking about making the move to Hāwera or the surrounding townships around Hāwera, then why not check out our full range of homes currently on the market.

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