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Houses for sale in Waitara

Located on the coast, where the Waitara river meets the Tasman sea, and boasting a sunny climate, beaches, a river, and a convenient location — this town is a hot spot in the Taranaki property market.

Waitara is a vibrant blend of community and culture, home to a growing population of over 7,200, with family homes, investment properties, sections, and lifestyle properties to choose from.

Life in Waitara

After taking the stunning drive North on State Highway 3, the Waitara lifestyle has much to offer so here are a few highlights:

Coastal walkway to New Plymouth

Located just 15 kilometres northeast of New Plymouth, the proximity of Waitara adds greatly to its appeal. To make the most of it, New Plymouth District Council has announced a plan to extend the existing coastal walkway to Waitara. The project will include a 10km extension, winding around the coast and providing an appealing route for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Clifton Park sport facility

On the eastern side of town, a world-class sports hub was built to encourage community and well-being. Complete with multipurpose facilities, new courts, a gymnasium, clubrooms, and canopies, this sports centre is a practical and attractive addition to the town. Boon Ltd, the architectural firm tasked with this project, have done a wonderful job of fusing local cultural and functional elements. 

Historic Ōwae Marae and Pā

Built on the site of the historic Manukorihi Pā, Ōwae marae is a culturally significant site for Ngāti Te Whiti, Ngāti Rāhiri, and Manukorihi of Te Atiawa iwi. As more and more uri (descendants) return to the area, the hapū are increasingly active in community projects like the restoration of the Tangaroa Stream. From the opening of its first whare in 1887 till now, this cultural centre is home to a 90-year-old collection of hand-carved wooden taonga, including panels, lattice-work and rafters. 

Life on the river mouth

The open flat spaces of Waitara mean it’s easy to get around on foot or bike. You can find locals at the beaches or on the mighty Waitara River, often swimming, surfing, windsurfing, dog-walking, kayaking, rowing, horse-riding, and fishing. White-baiting is another favourite of the community. With a more tropical climate than New Plymouth, Waitara is sure to appeal to both adventurers and leisure seekers.

Waitara property market

With proximity to New Plymouth, a warm climate, and affordable prices, it's no wonder the Waitara property market has been growing. The town and surrounding area are especially popular among first-home buyers trying to enter the housing market.

  • The median sale price for houses is $515,000, up 26.7% in the past twelve months. 
  • Houses sell after an average of 30 days on the market. 
  • 32.79% of residents live in rental accommodation.
  • The median rent for houses is $475 per week, up 10.5% in the past twelve months.

These figures have been taken from Real Estate Investar and Real Estate NZ and were accurate as of October 2022.

If you are in the market for a new property, check out our listings in Waitara.

Family homes

For many first-home buyers, Waitara is an affordable and attractive place to enter the market. The proximity to New Plymouth is ideal for commuters and the new coastal walkway is guaranteed to enhance the local lifestyle in the next decade. 

Houses for sale in Waitara

Lifestyle properties

If rural life is what you’re looking for, Waitara is not to be missed. Whether you need a backyard garden, paddocks for horses, or workshop space, browse the Waitara listings. As the urban sprawl continues, Tikorangi, Urenui, and Onaero are some of the neighbouring townships to watch. 

New builds and sections

With such flat, conveniently located land, Waitara is a great place to build a new home. Sections are aplenty in the wider Waitara district, complete with mountain and coastal views, proximity to town, and generous space for your dream home. 

Renovation opportunities

If you want a home with a bit of personality, Waitara is a great place to look. With affordable prices, you can easily find a house to renovate and bring back to life. And, with all the Council plans for this area, your renovation is likely to benefit from a substantial increase in value. 

Buying a house in Waitara 

If you’re planning to move to Waitara, you’ll find a range of opportunities to choose from. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an investor, or looking for buildable land, check out the full range of properties currently on the market. 

Selling a house in Waitara

If you are considering selling your Waitara property, contact the local McDonald Real Estate office for expert advice. Our team of experts can provide market insights and guide you through the entire process. We will assess your home to see where it sits in the market and devise a strategy for attracting buyers and generating offers.

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