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Why should you choose McDonald Real Estate to sell your home?

Anyone can sell a house, there are many people selling homes privately online every week. Private sales make up approximately 10% of residential sales in New Zealand. Making sure you get top dollar, on the other hand, requires not only extensive market knowledge but careful research and exceptional negotiation skills, which an inexperienced person can not give.

So why choose to use a real estate agent? At McDonald Real Estate, we have been selling real estate for as long as anyone can remember. Generations of our family have passed down their knowledge and experience helping thousands of families sell their homes all around the mountain. We have put together seven reasons why you should choose us to sell your home in today’s seller’s market.


8 offices located around Mt Taranaki

We are proud to be local. Since being established in 1912 in Stratford over the past 100 years the company has opened offices in the smaller townships including Eltham, Hawera, Inglewood, New Plymouth, Opunake, Waitara and Oakura, all while retaining the original office home town of Stratford. The office locations have been carefully chosen so you can find us easily. McDonald Real Estate’s Head Office in Stratford has been in the same building since the early 1920s.

While many locally-based real estate companies try to service the smaller townships from New Plymouth, McDonald Real Estate has chosen to be part of the smaller communities by retaining offices in all our provincial centres. We believe this keeps us in touch with you, our customer, and ensures we have a finger on the pulse when it comes to what is happening in the local market. This means they know what the locals are looking for in a new investment or family home. They know how much houses are selling for and how to position a property for the local market. They also have a database of buyers and sellers ready to go from the local population and from elsewhere around the mountain.

Our sales team and office staff are locals with many living in the same town for most of their life! They are heavily involved in the community and take pride in supporting local schools, groups and organisations. The team knows everything about our local area and takes a special interest in the people and businesses within it.

We don’t take any shortcuts

We are one of Taranaki’s most successful real estate companies, not because we are the biggest or the oldest, or the most established, but because we care and in return, we achieve exceptional results. With more than 100 years’ experience under our belts, we have been through many financial ups and downs. From seller's markets to buyers markets, when the milk price is booming and when oil and gas looks gloomy our team has access to the experience and knowledge needed to handle whatever the world throws at us. Thanks to the longstanding sales team that has been with us for many years as well as family advice that has been handed down over the generations our team has the ability to take on any situation or problem and solve it.

Skilled marketing packages

The real estate market is fierce, and these days you’ll need experts in online as well as offline marketing skills to set yourself apart from the other houses being listed. Our salespeople are skilled marketers and negotiators who work on your behalf, making sure your home gets the exposure it deserves. Our marketing aim is to expose your property to the greatest number of prospective purchasers who are in a position to proceed without delay. With an increase in buyer activity at the moment the right advice and marketing campaign could literally make tens of thousands of dollars difference. Our marketing experience ensures that your property will not only look its best but will be presented in a way that makes it appeal to the right buyers.

At McDonald Real Estate, a high level of presentation and quality of information is key. Our sales team ensure that we have your property online as soon as possible, not only on the McDonald Real Estate website which gains ten of thousands of visitors per month but also via a range of reputable high exposure websites. Our sales team will also sit down with you and create a marketing package that will get the best results for you and your situation.

Customer care representative

A happy customer is important to us, we take pride in making sure that the people we work with have an experience from start to finish that meets, and surpasses expectations. We also understand that this may not always happen, which is why our service is closely monitored by our Customer Care team. Having a customer care manager is one of the many ways we make sure we continue to deliver a great customer experience. They’re separate from the person selling your home so you can give them your honest feedback, and Daniel McDonald looks at every piece of feedback that comes through. We have found it can be easier for the people we work with to have a facilitator to express their thoughts to, as well as someone that can listen to concerns with the guarantee that they are acted upon in the fastest possible way.

By being a locally owned company and incorporating the customer care approach, we can ensure any problems are dealt with and you can be sure you will be heard.

Strong community values

We never take for granted the support we receive and, in turn, 'give back' to Taranaki and our communities through extensive local sponsorships.

Our team is 100% local, we live, work and support the neighbourhoods we operate in. We’re embedded in the community and help to support local initiatives. We are extremely proud to be members of the New Zealand Realtor’s Network, which gives us a huge national and global presence as well as the chance to learn from other regions new ways we can deliver exceptional value to the region. Our reputation and strong family values have made us attractive to other businesses and agencies, and so we can utilise these networks to channel buyers that our competitors do not have access to. It also helps to get prime positioning in the many publications we use both online and offline.

Experienced team

Our sales team is continually learning new ways to provide you with a high level of service through regular industry training. We believe that it is paramount in a fast-paced property market to have a team that is well-educated in the property market. McDonald Real Estate understands that it not only takes experience and expertise to negotiate a sale successfully but it also takes education, understanding and good communication to achieve the best result possible.

At McDonald Real Estate you will not only be working with a primary salesperson, but you’ll have the support of an entire team behind you. Family is important to McDonald Real Estate, not only are the team treated like family but our customers are too.

Forward-thinking approach

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that technology is an important part of our day to day lives. That is why we have invested in software that allows you to sign documents electronically via email making buying a home that much easier. Wherever you are in New Zealand or around the world, you can take advantage of this technology without having to pop into an office or wait for the post.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, and want to tap into all of the above then contact our team today. By requesting a no-obligation appraisal on your home, we can help identify the best plan to achieve your selling goals. We know it's not an easy decision to make, so let us help you make the right one. Chat to us by clicking on the image below.

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