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Working together with Fonterra

The McDonald Real Estate rural team got in touch with Nic McCarthy, the Regional Head of Farm Source in Taranaki recently. Drawing on more than 18 years of working at Fonterra, this article dives into everything Nic had to say, including how Fonterra can support you when you’re looking to buy, sell, or optimise your farm.

Nic McCarthy from Regional Head for Farm Source, Taranaki

Hi all, I’m Nic McCarthy, Regional Head for Farm Source in Taranaki. After reading through McDonald Real Estate’s Rural Property Review on last week’s blog, I thought it might be a good time to jump in and let you know where Fonterra can support you if you are looking to buy or sell a farm.

We appreciate there are a lot of things to consider during this process and we are here to make things as seamless and easy as we can, as well as helping to ensure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted! 

Our first port of call for anyone buying or selling a farm would be to get in touch with your Area Manager as soon as possible. Even if it’s just a possibility in the future. They can work through with you everything from cease supply notifications and timings, future share options, dividends, Farm Source accounts and vat swap overs.  

In conjunction with the real estate agent, Fonterra has a Farm Sale Information Pack that can be issued per farm with the current shareholder’s permission. It contains a number of things that can help you with your buying or selling due diligence requirements. The pack contains things such as:

  • Last season production
  • Details of DDE
  • Details about the Tanker roadway and Vat Compliance
  • Farm Dairy Shed Assessment
  • Farm Insights report
  • Farm Environment Plan

Fonterra wants and needs your milk - the more milk the Co-operative has, the more efficient it can be and the more it can pay back to farms and communities. Not all processors are equal, and there are a number of benefits that come with supplying Fonterra. 

We are a Co-operative, owned by 9,000 hardworking farming families and as New Zealand’s largest dairy processor, we have scale and influence. But we are also agile enough to quickly move our farmers’ milk within and around the diverse range of products we make, and the markets in which we operate, to get the best value from what can often be a very volatile global market. 

Talk with us and we can work with you to maximise not only your milk price but also keep your costs on-farm as low as practical through tools and solutions offered by Farm Source, as well as providing solid support with on-farm tech, industry partnerships and resources to help with the future landscape of dairy. Now with Fonterra’s new Flexible Shareholding, being part of a farmer-owned New Zealand Co-operative is easier than ever before. 

We believe that Fonterra is the place for your milk to be and we are passionate about the dairy industry and your success for today and generations to come. So, if a sale or a purchase is in your future plans reach out to us today so we can support you through the process. Alternatively, check out this webpage for more information.

- Nic McCarthy, Regional Head at Farm Source, Taranaki


4 ways Fonterra supports farmers

Fonterra is dedicated to supporting New Zealand dairy farmers. That’s why Farm Source provides business support, agricultural products, and technical advice. The team knows how much hard work and commitment farming requires. Every farm has its challenges so they’re ready to help when you need a hand.

Having read through our recent Rural Property Review, Nic wanted to share how Farm Source supports farmers who are looking to buy or sell a rural property. Below are the key benefits you can take advantage of. 

1. Area Manager expertise

For anyone buying or selling a farm, the first port of call is to get in touch with your Farm Source area manager. Even if buying or selling is just a future possibility, their expertise and connections can streamline the process and improve your prospects. 

There are many things to consider during this process. Your area manager will work with you to ensure everything is taken care of, including:

  • Cease supply notifications and timings
  • Future share options
  • Dividends
  • Farm Source accounts
  • Vat swap overs

The Farm Source team strive to make things as seamless and easy as possible, ensuring all bases are covered. 

2. Access to data and tools

With a Farm Source account and the On-Farm app, you can easily access all your farm’s key data, like your milk output and price. The app provides you with accurate, high-quality information about your milk production on your Apple or Android smartphone. 

You’ll also have a range of tools at your disposal, taking the guesswork out of your daily administrative tasks. For example, a helpful network for recruiting new farm staff anywhere in the country. Additionally, you’ll have full access to the following apps and resources: 

  • Farm Source store
  • Financial tools
  • Rewards programme
  • On Farm
  • My Co-op
  • Dairy Diary

3. Local Farm Source stores

With over 68 stores around New Zealand, Farm Source makes it easy to get rural supplies and technical advice. There are 8 stores in the Taranaki region:

Find everything you need from animal feed to fencing tools and clothing to dairy shed supplies. You can also browse the full online store here. 


4. The Farm Sale Information Pack

In conjunction with the real estate agent, Farm Source has created a customised information pack to support the sale of a farm. With the current shareholder’s permission, the information pack is issued per farm and contains details about:

  • Last season’s production
  • DDE
  • Tanker roadways
  • Vat compliance
  • Dairy shed assessments
  • Farm insight reports
  • Farm Environment Plan

Each of these will help with the due diligence requirements for buying or selling a rural property. To receive an information pack tailored to your farm, register for a Farm Source account. Using this new login, you can also provide third-party access to certain information online.


Dairy farms in Taranaki

Here at McDonald Real Estate, we’ve been buying and selling Taranaki properties since 1912. With over 111 years of experience in the area and the rural sector, you can trust us to buy and sell your farm. Contact our rural team today to get started. Benefits of working with us include:

  • A large network of buyers.
  • Effective marketing packages.
  • Strong community values.
  • 8 convenient offices around the Taranaki region.

Dairy farms for sale

If you’re interested in buying a dairy farm in Taranaki, our rural team is here to help. See the latest listings around the region to see what’s available or get in touch today. Contact us today ›


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