Have you thought about real estate?

Working within real estate offers flexibility, with the potential for huge rewards. If you’re self-motivated, thrive on variety and get satisfaction from achieving outstanding results, real estate may be the perfect job for you.

McDonald Real Estate is looking to recruit new salespeople to join the family-run company.

We're always on the lookout for local experts to become real estate agents. Whether you've developed a career in real estate over many years or looking to start out, we want to hear from you!

Nurturing local talent is important to us, and our in-house training and development means we can give you advanced sales resources and the support necessary to unlock your full potential.

Join the McDonald Real Estate team

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What qualifications do you need to become a salesperson?

Before you apply for a real estate licence from the Real Estate Authority (REA), you will need a National Certificate in the particular role you are seeking:
  • Salesperson — National Certificate in Real Estate Level 4.
  • Branch Manager — National Certificate in Real Estate Level 5 (version 3 or later).

There are a number of educational organisations that offer real estate qualifications like Skills, Open Polytechnic, TAFE, or Unitec. Combining certificate fees and the cost of acquiring a licence under the REA, expect the process to cost between $2,000 - $2,500. Note, if you already have a recognised property degree and want to apply for a real estate licence, you will need to complete an assessment.

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What support does McDonald Real Estate offer to new salespeople?

At McDonald Real Estate we offer full on-the-job training for all our new recruits. We go far beyond the industry's supervision requirements to support new recruits, including access to our very own “Path to Success School” which provides you with the full training and guidance in every aspect of the Real Estate industry.

We provide our recruits with the very best external and internal trainers, plus one-on-one mentors that are highly experienced and on call 24/7 to ensure all our recruits, throughout the learning of the job, understand the processes involved.

You will also spend time with other recruits beginning their real estate journey with McDonald Real Estate. The shared problem solving and learning will help to accelerate your development too.

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Why should you work with McDonald Real Estate?

At McDonald Real Estate we pride ourselves on ensuring all recruits new to the industry, have the very best training and skill sets to carry out their day-to-day work in the most professional manner possible.

We hope the McDonald family legacy of real estate excellence in Taranaki will be a strong endorsement for your own brand. Our impressive track record of success with new recruits will give the market confidence that you uphold the highest professional standards and it will open doors for you.

We care, and want to ensure that you too are able to care for your clients in the comfort of knowing the real estate industry. It’s our name above the door and you are our best asset — selling both ours and your brand. Working together, we can ensure real estate work in Taranaki is carried out in the best professional way possible.