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Top 10 qualities a property manager should have

Are you looking for a reliable property manager? Choosing a property manager can be daunting, especially when you need to entrust your property to them. 

One of the trickiest aspects for landlords is knowing how to choose the right property manager, and which characteristics to look for. 

In this article, we highlight the qualities to look for in a property manager to ensure your rental property is in good hands. 


1. Professionalism

Your property manager is responsible for handling financial matters, mediating disputes, and maintaining records so professionalism is a must. Not only will this ensure legal and ethical standards are upheld, but it will also instil trust in you and the tenants. Professionalism fosters transparency, integrity, and confidence that the property is in capable hands.


2. Strong communication 

Effective communication keeps you and your tenants informed throughout the tenancy.

Your property manager should be responsive and transparent, communicating openly with you about your property. If you have concerns, there should be an open line of communication with them to resolve the issue and answer any questions. 


3. Organisation

Your property manager must handle rent collection, maintenance, and tenant relations efficiently. Being organised ensures nothing falls through the cracks, helping them to manage resources effectively and prevent costly oversights. 

By working with a professional property management company like McDonald Real Estate, you can trust your records are safe and well-organised. If you ever need information, we can easily find what you need in our secure records. 


4. Problem-solving 

Property managers handle maintenance issues, unforeseen emergencies, and tenant complaints. To ensure these problems are resolved quickly and effectively, they need to be able to problem-solve. By de-escalating problems and minimising disruptions, they can keep your tenants happy and safeguard the property value.


5. Financials

Your property management company will handle rent collection, budgeting, and expense management so they need to have proficiency in financial matters. This ensures accurate reporting, maximises profitability, and allows you to make informed decisions. 

They will also handle any rent arrears for you, following up with the tenant to collect the missed payment. 


6. Tenant relationships

A property manager’s role includes knowing how to handle tenant relationships to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Combining communication and professionalism, your property manager will always treat tenants with respect. 


7. Attention to detail

Another key responsibility of your property manager is to conduct property inspections, requiring a close eye for detail. This will help them note any potential maintenance issues and make recommendations that could increase the value of your property in the local rental market. 

Another vital role is understanding the rules and regulations surrounding rental properties. In particular, your property manager should be able to identify any work you need to complete to comply with Healthy Homes standards. 


8. Network of contractors

A good property manager will have a local network of contractors to call on when repairs are required. This is especially important for emergencies that require immediate repairs, such as burst pipes. 

At McDonald Real Estate, we handle all the maintenance and repairs of your rental for you. This includes being available for tenants to contact us with concerns about broken fixtures, appliances, or other features in the house. 


9. Network of tenants

An experienced property manager should be able to find reliable tenants quickly to minimise vacancy periods. This means your property generates the maximum amount of income for you throughout the year.

With eight offices located throughout the region, the team at McDonald Real Estate are the largest local property management company in Taranaki. We have the expertise and a large database of tenants, and we also have the ability to screen any new tenants with a tenancy tribunal check, references, the ability to pay rent, a full background check, and a credit check if required. We also assess each tenant’s suitability for your house, reducing the frequency of turnover. 


10. Local expertise

Being well-versed in the local rental market enables your property manager to navigate regulations, market dynamics, and tenant expectations. It also ensures legal compliance, informed decision-making, and tailored property management strategies that are suited to your location.

The McDonald Real Estate team has been supporting Taranaki landlords since 1912. With over a century of local experience, we have a deep understanding of the local market, including what tenants are looking for, ideal weekly rates, and minor upgrades you can make to increase your rental value. 


Property Management Taranaki

If you’re looking for a professional property manager in Taranaki, the team at McDonald Real Estate can help. Our property managers know the local market inside out, as well as the latest in property law and tenant expectations. 

The benefits of working with us include: 

  • Short vacancy periods
  • Quality tenants
  • Legislation expertise
  • A network of contractors
  • Negotiation skills
  • Accurate rental appraisals
  • A proven record of low arrears

To find out how much your investment property is worth in the local market, contact us to request a free assessment. We’ll determine a realistic rental yield to help you decide your next steps. 

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