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South Taranaki Business Park explained

Located on the outskirts of Hāwera just off Fitzgerald Lane, an exciting new $30 million development is in full swing. Designed with an array of business spaces and a residential subdivision, the South Taranaki Business Park is set to redefine the local area. 

The history of the South Taranaki Business Park

The thriving economy of South Taranaki is something to celebrate, with one of the highest GDPs per person in New Zealand. However, with such a heavy reliance on the dairy industry, oil, and gas sectors, and large employers, there is a need for diversification. 

For decades, the South Taranaki District Council has been exploring ways to expand the local economy and promote new industries. One such idea was the possibility of a new industrial business park to encourage new businesses into the District. 

In 2020, Agtrans owner, CJ Mahony bought 25 hectares of the neighbouring farmer's land to secure access to his existing business. Since then, working in collaboration with the Council, Mahony has been busy. 

Mahony is developing the land into a 30-lot commercial business park, followed by a subdivision of 70 residential sections. With 5 of the commercial lots already secured by expanding businesses before going to market on 1 November 2022, the project is already taking shape.

Construction of the Business Park

Initially, Mahony believed it would take 10 to 15 years to fill the 30 commercial lots but at the rate, things are going, it’s looking more like 5

The residential subdivision between the business park and Glover Road will be managed in four stages. A large green planting zone will separate the two developments, with an attractive walking track that links up with Glover Road.

Economic benefits of the Business Park

After years of planning and strategising for economic growth, the Council had a Feasibility and Business Case Study done through consultants Veros and Rationale. The study confirmed that a business park would benefit the District and be a viable solution to support local businesses.    

The case study determined that the oil and gas industries could not be relied on in the medium and long term, as environmental and political pressures continue to grow. By taking this proactive step forward, this Business Park is expected to contribute significantly to the region's economic, social, and political resilience. 

The Business Park is expected to: 

  • Create space for a modern commercial business hub.
  • Provide new employment opportunities.  
  • Attract new investment to the area 
  • Improve production and manufacturing efficiency. 
  • Increase skilled labour, supporting services, and institutions. 
  • Encourage a collaborative business community.  
  • Diversify employment opportunities with large, medium and smaller businesses.

Among other Council initiatives, the Business Park is guaranteed to reshape the South Taranaki District. Within the next few years, the projected progress, diversification, and innovation make Hāwera an exciting place to be. 

Key features of the South Taranaki Business Park

There are two key features of the new development – a commercial area and a housing subdivision. Upon its completion, it will consist of 30 commercial lots and 70 residential sections, with both being very separate to reduce the impact each has on the other.


Commercial lots

The commercial sections are perfect for any business needing to set up a warehouse with an office structure or similar. It can sometimes be difficult to find existing commercial properties to suit the specific needs of your business, so why not design your own? With such a range of building services at your fingertips, you are sure to find a quality option in the Taranaki construction community. 

Construction is already underway for several businesses, including White Electrical, and Dialog Fitzroy. The first business to invest was UNO Windows & Doors, a local manufacturer which recently relocated to a brand-new facility. Having moved from smaller premises in Normanby, the new 3,083m2 factory and office is a great demonstration of what this Business Park can offer.  

“When looking for a new, larger site for our business premises, we needed somewhere that could accommodate a large manufacturing facility, with good access for truck deliveries, and preferably not on the state highway. STBP was a great option for UNO as the developer was willing to work with us to customise the site to suit our requirements. We liked the staged/future plans for the development as well as it being the only industrial park in Hāwera with available land. We also liked the fact that the area would be properly finished off with new, full width access roads with kerb & channel, new infrastructure, native planting, and a portion of the park with an existing waterway to be vested as reserve. The STBP allows for business growth in the region and provides a first-class area for growing local and new businesses to locate their premises, rather than them being randomly located pockets beside residential areas all around the district. The offering enabled us to get into a larger 3083m2 new premises and has given us a lot more space to develop and grow the business and also land to expand the building further as future growth requires.”

Peter Thomas - UNO Managing Director


Residential homes

As demand for housing continues to rise, Mahony and the Council are eager to meet the need. The subdivision will be Green Star-rated and built to exceed the building code, with energy efficiency, insulation, and sustainability as the guiding principles. 

This new residential subdivision is a huge advantage to locals and prospective residents moving in from elsewhere. Paired cleverly with the introduction of new industries and employment opportunities, these quality homes are bound to benefit everyone. 

Even before the Business Park is complete, Hāwera has a lot to offer. With the beautiful Puketarata Garden, world-class Tawhiti Museum, nature walks, and stunning mountain views. For more information on buying in Hāwera, check out our current listings, or wait for these sections to become available.  

What’s available to buy? 

If you are interested in investing in the Business Park, now is the time. With several businesses already thriving in the new space and the foreseeable growth of the region, the remaining lots will sell quickly. 

To find out more about the land, buildings, and facilities, or to express your interest, reach out to the team at Mcdonald Real Estate. We can share expert advice based on market insights and use our contacts to provide you with a competitive advantage. 

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