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The top 5 reasons people use a property manager

Many people self-manage their rental properties as it can be seen as expensive to use a property manager. After all, giving someone else a slice of your monthly income doesn't seem worth the loss. Yet, on the other side of the fence there are dozens of people that swear by their property manager. So why is there such a divide?

On the surface the objections seem obvious. They cost money and what do they do that a diligent owner doesn't do already? In this article we'll showcase the top 5 reasons why property owners use a property manager. And instead of us explaining the reasons, we'll use them to tell you in their own words.

1- Getting you fair quotes for work

“I engaged the help of Robyn McDonald to manage my Oakura property, because I currently live in Wellington. Robyn is an outstanding property manager. Not only does she provide frequent property inspection updates, but she is also very proactive in the management of my property and contacts me in advance when any significant maintenance or attention (e.g. hedges) is required or due.

One occasion which stands out, is when my home was being insulated to ensure it was up to spec for new government regulations. When the contracted insulators stated extreme (and expensive) measures to access an extension of the house to view and potentially insulate, instead of allowing the work to proceed, Robyn had the initiative to first follow-up with the council. The council confirmed that the extension was actually already fully insulated, and provided the building consent to back it up. Robyn’s initiative and proactiveness not only saved me a considerable amount of money, but it also saved the aesthetics of the extension which could now be sporting man-holes in various spots of the ceiling – regardless if insulation had been required.

Robyn cares for the wellbeing of my property, and it shows - she certainly goes above and beyond. I have recommended Robyn’s property management services before, and would happily do so again.” - Angela Lawn

The above actually tackles several reasons to use a property manager. If you're located out of town, or travel often then a property manager will act as your local representative - and with managers all around the mountain this could be as simple as not wanting to drive an hour to deal with your investment the other side of the province! With an extensive relationship with tradesmen we're also able to challenge quotes and get better deals if possible. This can often mean a property manager is paying for themselves from the savings alone!

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2 - Screening tenants

“Mrs Erica Summerfield has managed my rental property for the past 2 years, and I cannot speak highly enough of her work in this regard. Her careful screening of prospective tenants, her attention to detail and her prompt attention and resolution of any problems has made my life as a landlord, only pleasurable.

Her diligence in regular inspections of the property and subsequent written reports, is much appreciated.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to avail myself of her very professional and competent service”. - D R Butler

You may want to judge a tenant by the car they drive, the referrals they come with or the fact a friend of a friend knows them but McDonald Real Estate like to add a few layers to those criteria. Every prospective tenant receives a 60 point check which includes court records, news searches and company records to ensure they're going to be a good tenant.

And if they're not your McDonald Real Estate property manager will go in to bat for you. On several occasions the property manager has represented the landlord in court over a payments dispute. We mean it when we say we treat your property as if it were our own.

3 - Easily get new tenants

“We have been very pleased with Patsy and her role as our property manager. She has kept on top of maintenance and any issues our tenants may raise ensuring they are resolved promptly. She has kept us up to date with any changes with regard to tenants and has worked hard to ensure we get good tenants. It has been great having a person we can rely on to care for our property” - Andrew Bollen

This is an easy benefit. At the time of publication McDonald Real Estate has over 1,200 Facebook followed with dozens of comments and requests to view a property when one becomes available. This enables us to select the best candidates. And when not receiving rent will mean you're footing the mortgage it's important you get new tenants in as quickly as possible, we help make that a reality.

4 - Work done and hassle gone!

“We have found Rachel to be fantastic, always straightforward and honest.

We were undecided as to go with a rental agency or try to do it ourselves, I am so glad we opted and gave Rachel a chance.......she is always very organized in regards to repairs and inspections etc. Goes that extra mile to find us the best deal for any maintenance requirements.

To be honest, we have a busy family life, and I couldn't do it without her. I completely trust Rachel and I know she will always do her best for the tenants and the Landlord.” - Graham Sands and Maria Chard

Whether you're working full-time, have a family or would simply rather be doing other things having a property manager means you're not getting the late night call out and can get on with life. Your property manager conducts regular inspections, takes photos and reports on work that needs to be done. They know that catching a problem early means a future problem is eliminated.

5 - Well, why not hear for yourself



So whatever your reason we can help. It doesn't matter if your tenant is behind in their payments we'll still take you on! We love helping Taranaki property owners get more from their investment by managing your property as if it were our own.

Once you've experienced having your property manager we'll bet you won't want to go back. And to make trying a property manager easier we'll give you a month's free management.

I know what you're thinking "yeah but I bet I have to sign my life away to get that." Wrong! We don't do long-term contracts (ever) so we'll give you a month for free and if you don't like us you can leave at the end of that month.

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