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Need property management? Why you should choose McDonald Real Estate

No long-term contracts!

Testing something out for the first time can be a big step, especially if you are not sure what to expect.

At McDonald Real Estate we DO NOT lock you into long-term contracts. This will give you that extra peace of mind knowing that you can see if property management is something that will work for you.

We offer monthly rolling contracts, so if you want to head out on your own or go with someone else we only require 1 month's notice. While most other property management firms tie people into 6 or 12-month contracts, we like to give you the flexibility to decide.

We are the largest Property Management provider in Taranaki!

With eight offices around the mountain covering Oakura, Opunake, Hawera, Eltham, Stratford, Inglewood, Waitara, and New Plymouth - we have excellent local knowledge of all areas.

We're not some national firm with an office in Taranaki, we're a business that was built here. Our staff are all locals with roots in this region. Taranaki is a small region where everyone knows everyone. We know many tenants and property owners personally and know the market like the back of our hand because, well, this is our backyard! McDonald Real Estate was founded in 1912 and set up its first office in Stratford in 1918. The office is still there, and so are we.

An experienced and professional team

We manage over 750 properties across Taranaki. Our property managers come with a vast amount of experience and expertise and we are continually keeping up to date with the latest training and legal requirements that can affect you and your property.

Combined, we have over 75 years of experience in managing rental properties. McDonald Real Estate serves as your one-stop buying, renting and selling property shop.

Receive a free rental appraisal to see if you're earning what you could from your investment - Click Here

We offer the complete bundle

We ensure we do everything we can to go the extra mile for our customers. One of the major benefits of having a property manager is that we take care of everything for you - so you can sit back and relax!

Our services include:

  • Finding reliable tenants - finding tenants that are reliable and suited to your property is of upmost importance. Our rental application process is very thorough to ensure we get the best results. We do over 100 checks on a potential tenant using a background checker available only to property managers.
  • Regular rental inspections - it is our job to make sure your property is being treated with respect. Our property inspections take place every 12 weeks where we go through a complete checklist. We take photos of potential issues and keep you ahead of anything that needs your attention.
  • Resolving issues - from small to large we have the experience and support behind us to remedy any issues quickly and fairly. From late payments to needing new tenants in a hurry, we can help!
  • Financial management - we manage all expenses on your property including, rent, rates and maintenance costs.

Competitive rates

You may be surprised to know that having a property manager is actually very affordable! You want the best return on your property investment and a property manager can help you achieve this.

We will identify potential problems before they become serious issues. This means we will inform you of anything we notice which, if left unaddressed, could require a lot of money to rectify. We do extensive checks on tenants, which reduces your chance of unpaid bills or legal costs in recovering damages. We can also reduce the cost of finding a new tenant as we have an extensive network of people to tap into.

Setting aside the financial cost each month, we reduce the time cost of managing a property as well as the stress involved.

We keep your tenants happy

You want your tenants to be happy so they stay with you for a long time. We work hard to manage our relationship with them in an understanding and sympathetic way. Here's what one of our tenants has to say about their experience with us:

"My small family and I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Maureen of McDonald Real Estate as our property manager. We have kept our property as we would our own, and in turn, we have received nothing but excellent service in our time with the company. Maureen has been wonderfully fair, thorough, sharp, professional and considerate on our inspection dates. Our time in the office has been just as friendly and professional, and we witnessed a soundly performing and friendly atmosphere as soon as we walked in the door. Truly the best property management we have experienced to date."      - Jacob C 

Our property owners love us too!

We work hard to keep our property owners happy. After all, we understand that your investment needs to be looked after as if it were our own. As many of the team are property investors themselves we know what to look for and how we would like our properties treated.

"Raewyn Breman has been our property Manager for over 2.5 years. During this period she has proven to be a valuable and trustworthy assistant, able to balance the interests of both; the tenants and we as property owners.

She has (twice) found reliable tenants that met our rather high requirements. On a regular basis, she checks the property and informs us about maintenance requirements. During our holidays she also employs maintenance contractors on our behalf.

Raewyn kept us up to date with law changes that involved rental properties and the consequence these had for us. She has a warm and open personality which makes her easy approachable. We have no hesitations to go to her when we have questions or need explanations, she made our first steps on the property ladder a breeze."       - Fenny D

Free Rental Appraisal

You may be interested to know where your property sits in the rental market. We offer free rental appraisals which can assist you with the following:

  • Find out what the market rate is for your property - based on industry factors
  • The changing laws and requirements you will need to meet as a landlord
  • What exactly we do and how we can help!

They are absolutely free, and require no obligation!

To request a free rental appraisal click here or on the button below.  

McDonald Real Estate Property Management Taranaki


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